The Village of Vicksburg and The Mill

The Mill at Vicksburg is a redevelopment project of the Lee Paper Mill—a historic paper mill that, up until its closure in 2001, was an economic driver of the Village. The Mill’s vision is to once again become an economic engine for the village and promote the world of entertainment through its three pillars—beer, music and events.

The Village of Vicksburg, just 12 miles south of Kalamazoo, has about 3,500 residents and is largely a farming community.

Prairie Ronde Artist Residency is funded by The Mill as one of their initiatives to support arts and culture in Vicksburg.


The Mill at Vicksburg is being restored, relaunching every inch of its 416,000 square-foot building and 120-acre campus to create a hub for beer and entertainment. Predicted to open in a few years’ time, the village will be bustling with travelers from all walks of life. The Mill will be home to events, concerts, breweries, museums and more.

The Mill is being revitalized with architectural and historical significance in mind. The goal is to be a destination for tourists and villagers alike. In order to operate for generations to come, The Mill has taken on several sustainability initiatives to ensure the vitality of the space, including honoring its Pillars of Sustainability and fostering the community and wildlife with the Pollinator Project.


Frederick Construction is a long-time partner in rebuilding The Mill. Their office resides across the street from our Prairie Ronde Artist Residency hub at 101 E Prairie St. in downtown Vicksburg. Their crew is very familiar with our artists in residence and you’ll often see them in and around The Mill.