Vicksburg Michigan, USA

About the Residency

The Prairie Ronde Artist Residency is located in historic Vicksburg, Michigan, near Kalamazoo.  The residency provides access to the 420,000 square foot former Lee Paper Company paper mill and its adjacent 80 acres of property to use as inspiration. Artists are also encouraged to utilize our close ties to members of the village community and the area’s creative community.

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The Prairie Ronde Artist Residency

Residency Overview

A brief overview of the residency:

We’ll provide housing and studio space for one resident at a time, three times a year. We’re offering a stipend of $2,000 for 4 – 7 weeks, a $500 travel grant, and private use of a car. We ask that the artist propose some sort of community “give back” like a workshop, final show or open studio days and that they donate a piece of work to our collection.

What’s in a name?

From the French, meaning ‘round meadow’, the Residency is named to honor the islands of grasses and wildflowers that once dotted the landscape of southwest Michigan. First settled in 1831, Vicksburg is a quaint, rural village surrounded by lush agricultural land dotted with lakes, stands of hardwood forests, and gently flowing streams.


What is the goal?

Our goal is to bring artists to the community of Vicksburg to build upon its legacy of being a creative and cultural hub.

Who is invited to apply & How long is their stay?

Prairie Ronde offers visual artists or musicians a 4 to 7 week residency in the historic village of Vicksburg, Michigan.

How often?

Three times a year,
spring, summer, and fall

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