Arts in Placemaking

Keeping Vicksburg’s music scene energized

In the summer of 2014 as Chris Moore stood on the roof of the old Lee Paper Mill overlooking the expansive landscape, he thought: ”This would be a really cool place to see a concert.”

That moment sparked an evolving conversation to put in motion a program devoted to bringing live music programming to Vicksburg. Since then, Prairie Ronde Artist Residency and The Mill at Vicksburg have worked together to give a stage to local musicians of every level and bring a rich offering of music and entertainment to the folks of Vicksburg.

Gallery of Events


The Mill at Vicksburg is being restored, relaunching every inch of its 416,000 square-foot building and 120-acre campus to create a hub for beer and entertainment. Predicted to open in a few years’ time, the village will be bustling with travelers from all walks of life. The Mill will be home to events, concerts, breweries, museums and more.

The Mill is being revitalized with architectural and historical significance in mind. The goal is to be a destination for tourists and villagers alike. In order to operate for generations to come, The Mill has taken on several sustainability initiatives to ensure the vitality of the space, including honoring its Pillars of Sustainability and fostering the community and wildlife with the Pollinator Project.