Travis C. Miller is a musician and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. He received his BFA in Design and Technology from San Francisco Art Institute.

Travis works predominantly within the realm of experimental-electronic music. He often credits the incorporation of ‘applied narrative’ as an integral element to his process. For recent performances at San Francisco venues The Lab and The Chapel at the Convent Arts Collective, Travis developed new works unique to the spaces in which they’d be performed, accounting for architectural and technical limitations. In May 2019, Travis will be participating in the Prairie Ronde Artist Residency where he plans to continue his exploration in site-specific composition and recording.

Travis also heads Peconic Records: a label he and a friend started in 2013 as an outlet to share their collaborative experiments. The label has grown over the years, providing a curatorial side project as well as a venue for some of Travis’ visual art. He describes Peconic as “a platform for collaboration, experimentation and a home for a few artists whose work has always been a bit on the stranger side.”