Tali Weinberg’s art practice explores relationships—to the earth, to the places we call home and to each other—within the context of a worsening ecological crisis. In recent work, she interweaves petrochemical- and plant-derived materials, data and landscape imagery to explore the interdependence of ecological and human health. She coils color-coded climate data around medical tubing; weaves trees out of plastic into forms that reference anatomy; and transforms medical waste into landscapes. At Prairie Ronde, Weinberg will create a series of works woven from wastepaper, transforming this material into forms that extend her ongoing exploration of relationships between people, trees, industry and waste.

Weinberg’s art is held in public and private collections and is exhibited internationally including at the Griffith Art Museum, 21C Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, University of Colorado Art Museum, Georgia Museum of Art, Asheville’s Center for Craft and Form & Concept. She has been featured in the New York Times, National Resource Defense Council’s onEarth Magazine, Surface Design Journal and literary journal Ecotone. Honors include an Illinois Artist Fellowship, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Serenbe Fellowship, Windgate Fellowship to Vermont Studio Center, Lia Cook Jacquard Residency, SciArt Bridge Residency for cross-disciplinary collaboration and a virtual residency at New York’s Museum of Art and Design, among others. She has taught at California College of the Arts (CCA) and Penland School of Craft.


Website: taliweinberg.com