Three Continuous Movements

by Sean Harold | Click to listen
Sean Harold is a composer and guitarist currently working in NY and CT. As a composer, his pieces seek to create a distinct new language through a constantly evolving dialogue with the past. His materials, often drawn from the Western canon, are filtered through the voice of an unreliable narrator so that his compositions unfold like half-forgotten memories.
As a performer, Sean focuses on the electric guitar and the ways in which its timbrel palette can be expanded while working within the context of concert music. Many of his recent pieces have also revolved around collaboration, including works with choreographer Thierry Niang, artist Emma Sulkowicz, and illustrator Yoko Furusho.


Sean holds doctoral and master’s degrees in composition from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and SUNY Purchase respectively, as well as a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from Western Connecticut State University.

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