Morgan Rose Free is a Canadian artist predominantly working in sculptural assemblage. Her conceptual interests lie in human engagement with the outside world, often grappling with ideas around our current climate crisis, engagement with public spaces (both natural and human made), and how the digital age has affected these relationships. Based in Columbus OH, she is a cofounder of Dream Clinic Project Space. She has exhibited in solo, group and two person exhibitions across North America and has attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Bunker Projects, Terrain Exhibitions at Enos Park, and ACRE Projects. In 2019 she received a Research and Creation Grant from The Canada Council for the Arts. She received her MFA in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies at Alfred University in 2017 and her BFA in Fibre from the Alberta College of Art and Design with honors in 2012.


“Through a desire to continuously review and confront our world in all its beauty and imperfections, my recent work explores tensions between idyllic landscape imagery and the real lived experience one has. These portals serve up a false optimism, offering idealized but inaccessible versions of place compromised by contemporary anxieties that creep in. With an underlying tone of sardonic reverence, these worlds exist just out of reach, as the weavings take on a pixelated, screen-like quality. Functioning as a transitional point between one place and another, each piece operates as an entrance and an exit simultaneously.”