Songwriting driven by vintage keyboards, Megan Diana loves a Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes—especially when put through an echo pedal. She layers her lush voice in choral layers, going atmospheric at times and then all at once back to the center of her chest in a whisper. Her debut record, Women in My Head, was written and dedicated to the important women in her life (her beloved Grandma Mac graces the cover.) The record allowed her to bring in her French Horn in equal parts Canadian Brass and Chet Baker (if he played the F Horn). Some songs lean towards Dark Americana Noir, while others are clearly constructed pop songs—complete with a full band (including her new pedal steel player: Raymond Richards). A few songs even start to turn Western Flavor Florence Welch and have given life to her new genre—Dream Country Disco. 


Apart from songwriting and performing, Megan is the Founder of Piano. Push. Play.—a nonprofit that rescues pianos and puts them on the street for everyone to enjoy, play and connect. Then, pianos in great condition are given to schools, community centers, artists and others who will love the instrument as much as those who rescued it do.


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