Jordan Delzell is a visual artist, researcher and recycler from Morning Sun, Iowa. Her practice focuses on redesigning systems of making, living and working to be more empathetic, collaborative and sustainable. Recently her work investigates the social, emotional and environmental benefits of material re-use and recycling, primarily through paper-making.

Jordan is most excited by activating the domestic sphere, natural world and nontraditional settings as sites for art-making and sharing. In 2017 she lived and worked at an artist residency in a former thrift store (Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC). In 2019 she facilitated a paper-making/recycling workshop at a garage-turned-school (Open House, Kansas City, MO) and also re-imagined a storefront apartment-turned art space as a community recycling center (Front/Space, Kansas City, MO).

From 2017-2020 she served as the Community Manager at an artist/activist run real estate and opportunity newsletter (Listings Project, New York, NY). She maintains her practice now primarily in Kansas City, KS where she grows, harvests and forages food and fiber, and maintains an archive of paper litter.