Joe Stratton is a musician, engineer, and sound designer. While usually producing music to accompany video, his current focus is building an immersive listening environment wherein people can experience sound in unexpected ways through the use of “sonic holograms” — audio routed carefully through state-of-the-art software and multi-speaker arrays, moving through or suspended in space. He uses ambisonic recorders, Max/MSP, and tools developed by Envelop for Ableton Live to make music meant to be heard on all sides, above and below the listener.
Best known for his work with the theatrical rock group Not Blood Paint, he intends to continue challenging audiences to look beyond the surface of their experience, outside their comfort zones, utilizing spatial audio technology now in place of guitars and costumes (often still including costumes).

MEANS: modular synthesis, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Zoom H3-VR, Renoise, voice

ENDS: wonder, curiosity, communication, debate, education, collaboration, contemplation

PLACES: New York, Detroit, Montreal, Denver, Prague, Uvita, London, Beijing, Berlin

PREPOSITIONS: on, at, in, above, to, near, around, below, with, past, during, under, through

YEARS: 1981, 2021