Hannah Elless is a multi-hyphenate artist living in New York City with roots in Southwest Michigan. In addition to working as a full-time actor in TV, film, and on Broadway, Ms. Elless is adapting a new style of painting which blends the concepts of abstract expression and color field work. This Patchwork Abstractism is a framework that joins a two-dimensional patchwork of experience with a three-dimensional layering of emotion and cohesion. The result is deliciously inventive panoplies of color and texture woven together with form, bending the culture toward beauty, and evoking in the viewer feelings of memory and place.


“I take a patchwork of images and stories and express the emotion of them through my abstract painting in an effort to bring cohesion. Color, form, and texture are elements that reverberate as I work – fashioning a blank surface into a finished sensation. I build layers of color and emotional experience. I gather. I invent. I apply. I adjust until the image has fully fabricated and I have captured the emotional atmosphere and intricacies that stories unweave and then weave again.”