São Paulo, Brazil, 1981 – Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

Visual artist and researcher, in recent years Erica produced objects and installations from research around the relationships between architecture, space and history. She participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, and received acquisitions and artistic production awards. Recent exhibitions include:

  • ‘Study for Monument’ at Funarte in São Paulo, Brazil
  • ‘Interaktion’ in Berlin, Germany
  • ’32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • ‘O que não é floresta é prisão política’ at Reocupa Gallery of Ocupação 9 de Julho – MSTC in São Paulo
  • ‘Has always been dystopia’ in Enschede, Holland
  • ‘Estamos Aqui – Ocupação Ateliê 397’ in SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo
  • ‘37º Panorama da Arte Brasileira’ in MAM – Modern Art Museum of São Paulo, Brazil
  • ‘Memory-Lab Pavilion’ Jester (FLACC/CIAP) in Genk, Belgium.

Artist in residence at:

  • Pivô (São Paulo)
  • Sculpture Space in Utica (New York)
  • GlogauAIR (Berlin)
  • ARE Holland (Netherlands)
  • AIR Niederösterreich (Krems, Austria)
  • Jester/FLACC/CIAP (Genk, Belgium)

Education and involvements:

  • Member of Group Hóspede between 2005–2010 that participated in
    several exhibitions and projects, such as ‘Laboratorio Hotel’ (study center and residence in Largo da Batata in São Paulo – PROAC) in Centro Cultural São Paulo and in Paço das Artes in São Paulo
  • Collaborator since 2017 of MSTC – Movement of Low-Income Workers of São Paulo City Center
  • PhD Student at School of Architecture and Urbanism of University of São Paulo (FAU USP)
  • Master’s Degree in Visual Arts from the Postgraduate Program of the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA USP)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of São Paulo with Habilitation in Sculpture
  • Researcher associate to LabOUTROS – Laboratory of the Department of History of Architecture and Aesthetics of FAU USP


Website: www.ericaferrari.com