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About The Residency

Three times a year, The Prairie Ronde Artist Residency offers one visual artist, writer, or musician a 4 to 7 week residency in the historic village of Vicksburg, Michigan. The residency provides access to the 420,000 square foot former Lee Paper Company paper mill and its adjacent 80 acres of property to use as inspiration. The artist is free to explore the property as they wish, except for areas that are under construction. We have close ties to members of the village community and the area’s artist community including the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, and area artists and artisans. Prairie Ronde encourages an environment that fosters connections between the visiting artist and community members by including the artist in salon style dinners, open studio visits and a community “give back” project. We also ask that, at the end of their stay, the artist donate a completed work to the residency’s collection.

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