Frances Li is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She studied painting at Lewis & Clark College in Portland OR. She is a multimedia artist who uses painting, collage and photography as a part of her creative process. Her work is largely inspired by the natural world which requires her to get creative when working out of her Brooklyn apartment. Most recently, her creative practice has been a repetitive study of her house plants. She’s painted the same houseplant over a period of 2 years, first rendering it in line drawing and then abstracting it with layers of color. The limitations of the city led her to this very condensed study of the natural world.

Frances spent the month of October 2017 at the Prairie Ronde Artist Residency which was an opportunity for her to gain inspiration and explore the natural beauty of the land on a much larger scale. She used the technique of close study that she applies in the city to her stay in Vicksburg and completed a painting inspired by a flower outside of her doorstep. Her painting has been donated to the Prairie Ronde Residency collection.

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